• There are no prerequisites for this class, we start teaching Javascript from scratch, so every child can enjoy it.

  • These classes (and other programs) are offered free to RUF members (become a member).

    The value of the full class (all 3 modules) is estimated at at least $1,200. Everyone is welcome to join RUF as a member. This being said, if you do not wish to become a member, a $600 donation per child is recommended for all 3 modules.

  • We learn how to create computer games using Javascript on Khan Academy. This is a fast rhythm, learn as much as you can type of class, extremely enjoyable, but intensive

  • Both teachers are passionate, experienced programmers, with many years of experience. Eli has been teaching this class for over one year, he has a degree in Math & Computer Science from Washington University and he is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people who would love to learn more about these topics. Mihai has been studying computers since second grade and has taught this class several times. As a student, he won multiple awards at the National Olympiad in Computers Science in Romania.

  • A laptop or desktop is required, preferably a newer version (otherwise it will be slow). No apps are required, everything is within a browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla). IPads will not work.