• There are no prerequisites for this class, we start teaching Javascript from scratch, so every child can enjoy it.

  • These classes (and other programs) are offered free to RUF members (become a member).

    The value of the full class (all 3 modules) is estimated at at least $1,200. Everyone is welcome to join RUF as a member. This being said, if you do not wish to become a member, a $600 donation per child is recommended for all 3 modules.

  • We learn how to create computer games using Javascript on Khan Academy. This is a fast rhythm, learn as much as you can type of class, extremely enjoyable, but intensive

  • Both teachers are passionate, experienced programmers, with many years of experience. Mihai has been studying computers since second grade and has tought this class several times. As a student, he won multiple awards at the National Olympiad in Computers Science in Romania.