The process explained in detail.


To understand how everything works, we need to explain the setup:

  • Romanian United Fund (RUF) is a 100% pass-through entity. This means, all donations are transferred to one of our partner organizations in Romania - minus the Facebook transfer, bank and wire fees. RUF uses two bank accounts: one is dedicated to collect donations, and the second one for operational expenses. The funds raised for RUF against COVID-19 campaign are only collected  into our donations bank account.

  • Currently (and until further notice), all funds raised through RUF will be used to help with the fight against Covid-19 in Romania (and Republic of Moldavia).

  • Pretty much anyone can create a fundraiser on Facebook. This includes our partner organizations, but also independent people who want to get involved. See this for more details.

  • It takes up to two weeks for Facebook to send us the funds raised through RUF. All donations are subsequently wired to our partners in Romania.

Disclaimer: Romanian United Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, limited by US laws, and we are acting internationally, which means we have other limitations related to compliance, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism. As such, we can only work with a limited set of partners. All funds raised by RUF will be directed to Romania through one of our partners, verified NGOs, based on existing contracts.

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