In the past months, RUF has reaffirmed its commitment to our six areas of focus: Diaspora Community, Education, Civic Engagement, Healthcare, Environment, and Heritage. We are excited to announce the addition of our newest area of focus: Arts & Culture.

We would like to highlight two events which have exemplified these goals and their great potential.


The Chicago Romanian Community Summit


In February 2023 —at the first annual Chicago Romanian Community Summit—leaders from nonprofit organizations, churches, businesses, and artistic groups came together in a series of panels to engage, collaborate, and strengthen our community spirit.

In the poignant words of Robert Dumitrescu, Deputy Consul General of Romania in Chicago and event panelist, “We strongly hope this is only a starting point of an advancement towards a better, more unified, and more comprehensive representation of our community.” 


The Romanian Healthcare Professionals Conference




In April, the Romanian Healthcare Professionals Conference was hosted as a part of an international effort by the Presidential Administration and the Government of Romania.

The event facilitated the connection of, and exchange between, a delegation from Romania and healthcare professionals from across the diaspora. 

Throughout the conference, participants were able to share their own expertise and experience, engage with international professionals, familiarize themselves with Romania’s medical system, and join an international network of healthcare professionals committed to ameliorating the future of healthcare in Romania. 


"I had the pleasure to meet a lot of Romanian doctors, nurses and even medical managers working in the United States of America in Chicago these days. Wonderful people who are a credit to Romania. People who have succeeded professionally in a very competitive world. I thank the Consul General of Romania in Chicago, Mr Tiberiu Trifan, for organizing this meeting. Some of the people I spoke to have lived here for decades, others for just a few years. But they all spoke to me about their desire to build and get involved in the life of the community. Some of them told me that they still dream of returning to their country, because they believe they can do something for the Romanian healthcare system. Concrete things, not ideals that just look good on paper. I thank them for the constructive dialogue and for the openness and warmth with which they welcomed me into their community." 

Dr. Andrei Baciu, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health/Romania


These two events have certainly exemplified a diaspora community, committed to volunteering and working together. 

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