Giani Mircea Florescu

El Ejido, Spain
Is an organization with Spanish legal personality, based in El Ejido, Almería, that is meeting the needs and wishes of residents of Romanian origin who live, work or are permanently settled in Spain.

El Ejido, Spain

Considering the fact that Romanians living in the Andalusian community do not have their own newspaper focused on specific issues and the news is not fully covered in the Romanian press in Spain due to editorial space and geographical limitation, the publication Romanians in Andalucia gives the opportunity to Romanian citizens to maintain, affirm and promote their national identity and is an information tool that provides access to information on their contractual, administrative and economic rights and obligations while living or working abroad.

Important objectives for the members of the Romanian community in Andalucia are also to improve their access to information and to ensure contact with the language, culture, spirituality and values of the Romanian people, as well as to support their integration process without forgetting their origins.

"The journalistic project that we are launching for Romanians in Andalucía and the whole of Spain is designed to provide readers with all the necessary information, with editorial activity focused on providing news and useful articles. The editorial content is presented in an objective, clear and understandable manner.
Starting from the legitimate expectation that a publication with a cultural focus is based on tradition, culture and art, we promote, in line with fundamental ethical values, the idea that the benefit to readers is added value for society as a whole.
We will focus on exclusive news, analysis, investigation, information and topics with approaches that are missing from the public agenda. We will publish fresh information on a daily basis, selecting, however, only those strictly topical news items that are of real importance to the public.
Separate from the news area, we host opinion articles, written by both our own journalists and external authors. People of culture will regularly write commentaries, along with opinion pieces submitted by business people, top managers, personalities in various fields.

We believe that fundamental to everyone is the right to be heard. We support freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of belief and freedom of association.

We seek to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We seek to present and emphasise the humanity that binds us together by showing the right amount of tolerance and restraint in expressing our opinions. We believe that these values are the only ones that ensure the future and are a starting point for any approach to resolving the conflicts and crises that today's society is going through.
We report news from our everyday lives and do not necessarily publish news just because it is sensational or topical. We also report things that have a deeper meaning and we look at our history and future in the long term.

We continue to believe in the collective effort and in the honest and responsible gesture of helping to increase the consumption of art and culture and to create a context that is conducive to the permanent re-examination of problems, challenges and conflicts in culture, education and society."

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