RUF Champion

  • An RUF champion is someone that commits to dedicating their time and resources to helping a Community Partner or Affiliate Organization (recipient organization) succeed in their relation with RUF

Who can be a Champion

    • An RUF volunteer that cares about a particular organization, or
    • A member of the RUF Board of Directors or Board of Advisors
    • An RUF Founding Angel
    • Someone helping a recipient organization and decides to volunteer & become part of RUF
    • A United States Sponsor of the recipient organization

What does a champion do?

  • Promotes the organization's interest in its relationship with RUF
  • Commits herself to help the recipient organization succeed
  • Helps fundraise for the recipient organization (donates her birthday to the organization, shares their messaging)
  • Alerts RUF when the organization has interesting news and vice versa
  • Acts as a communication partner and spends time to learn about the recipient organization