When February 25, 2023 at 9:00am CST 6 hrs

The Chicago Romanian Community Summit, organized by ROCO (Romanian Community Center) in Chicago, is a key event that brings together leaders and members of the Romanian community to discuss and address significant topics related to building a stronger and more vibrant community.

Here are the main details about the Summit:

  1. Purpose and Goals:

    • The Summit aims to unite all sides of the Romanian American Community in Chicago.
    • It serves as a platform to share important announcements.
    • The event focuses on identifying and discussing the main problems and opportunities facing the Romanian American Community of Chicago.
    • The goal is to achieve concrete, actionable results and foster closer community ties through high-quality discussions and participation.
  2. Key Features:

    • ROCO is more than just a community center; it's a hub for collaboration and growth, offering opportunities for service, networking, and cultural events.
    • The Summit includes various panels and discussions on topics like community building, government relations, education, business, and cultural preservation.
    • Key topics include building sustainable Romanian communities, government relations, city programs, investing in the future, health and wellness, inter-confessional dialogue, promoting the Romanian language, networking for success, embracing innovation, and financial empowerment.
  3. Participants and Leadership:

    • The Summit welcomes speakers, panelists, moderators, community leaders, hosts, volunteers, and organizational staff.
    • It is overseen by the Summit Leadership Council, comprising community leaders from diverse sectors like business, education, religion, and cultural groups.
    • Prominent participants in previous summits have included figures like Doru Branea, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, and Mihai Lehene, Founder of the Romanian United Foundation.
  4. ROCO's Role and Activities:

    • ROCO is a modern center dedicated to engaging and supporting the Romanian community and accelerating Romanian businesses in Chicago.
    • It organizes various programs and events, working with minimal staff and numerous volunteers.
    • ROCO Chapters and Clubs bring together volunteers dedicated to specific areas like education, business, arts & culture, sports, and medicine.
  5. Financial and Operational Model:

    • ROCO operates on a financial model that includes renting space, paying coordinators and teachers, and other expenses related to space maintenance.
    • The center is designed to be inclusive, open to everyone, regardless of background, nationality, or ethnicity.
    • ROCO is a non-politically and non-religiously affiliated community-driven space, managed through a Community Council.
  6. Location and Contact Information:

    • Address: 5406 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, United States.
    • Contact: (312) 316-7074.
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