Romanian United Fund (RUF) announces that it has obtained funding from the Department for Romanians Everywhere ("Departamentul Pentru RomΓ’nii de Pretutindeni") for its vital project "Support and Development of the Educational Center of Excellence for Romanians in Chicago".

This significant funding will allow the Romanian United Fund to continue and expand its educational and community development initiatives, with a special focus on improving the quality of education and supporting the development of Chicago's Romanian youth and community.

The "Support and Development of the Educational Center of Excellence of Romanians in Chicago" project aims to:

Expanding and improving the existing educational programs of the Educational Center of Excellence to meet the ever-changing needs of the Romanian community in Chicago.
Creating educational and personal development opportunities for young Romanians, thus promoting academic and professional success.
Development of educational resources and infrastructure to provide an enabling and advanced learning environment.
Supporting cultural and artistic initiatives that promote Romanian identity and cultural heritage in the community.

October 1st, 2023
Contact:Β Mihai Lehene

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