Ligia & Radu Apostoaia
Ligia and Radu believe in the power of the united voice of Romanians living outside the country that can shape a better future for our families and communities.
Amanda & Marius Butas

Founding Angels 
Founding Angels, Arizona
Julie & Ted Cominos

Founding Angels 
Founding Angels, Chicago, IL
Corina & George Dinulescu
We work closely with the Romanian community in Atlanta through our clinics at HOPE Primary Care & Dentistry and we decided to continue to help and support the Romanian community through RUF!
Ioana Savos & Sebastian Micle
Ioana and Sebastian are the proud founders of New Explode Construction, one of Chicago’s premier building and remodeling contractors.
Nicoleta & Marcel Podar

Founding Angels 
RUF Founding Angels, Chicago
Gabriela and Alex Turik

Founding Angels 
Founding Angels, Boca Raton, FL
Dedicated to building a world of kindness, education, and peace.