The founding angels of the Romanian United Fund (RUF) are individuals who have pledged to support the organization. They are professionals, and business people committed to building a global community and creating a global impact. The first 100 angels are named "The Founding Angels" and are commemorated on a bronze plaque at the RUF Headquarters. The program is available to those who believe in the organization's 100% pass-through model and its mission of creating a global community of like-minded people and making a global impact.

Reasons to join RUF as a RUF Angel 👼

  • Impact: Forge a legacy in Romania and beyond, making a real difference in communities that matter.
  • Community: Become a cornerstone in a fellowship of 100 exceptional individuals and families, all committed to fortifying the Romanian diaspora with purpose and passion.
  • Networking: Plug into a dynamic global consortium of Ambassadors across major cities and receiving a heartfelt welcome as you travel around the world.
  • Support for your projects: Engage directly with influential projects, recommend new partner organizations, having a voice in RUF's pivotal initiatives, and driving change where it's needed most
  • Prestigious Recognition: Earn a distinguished spot in a narrative that matters, as one of the esteemed "Angels".
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy privileged admission and first dibs on our marque events, including soirees, galas, and unforgettable experiences, crafting lifelong memories alongside fellow patrons.
  • Tax Incentives: Maximize the impact of your generosity with tax-deductible donations and benefit from company matching programs.
  • Versatility: Embrace the future of giving with our acceptance of stocks, cryptocurrency, and other donation forms, offering flexibility in how you contribute.

What about the first 💯 Founding Angels 😇?

RUF’s Founding Angels are the first 100 outstanding individuals and families who believed and supported RUF.

Benefits of Founding Angels 😇

  • Their names will be immortalized on a commemorative bronze plaque at RUF's headquarters, to be unveiled on December 6th, 2024.
  • Their letters will be locked in a sealed box, to be reopened only at RUF's 100th annual celebration (December 6th, 2118).
Will you sign up?