RUF General Fund: Empower Romanian Nonprofits and Drive Impact

Help us support Romania's nonprofit organizations and make a difference in the lives of the Romanian community by contributing to the Romanian United Fund (RUF) General Fund. Your donation to the General Fund will enable RUF to allocate funds to the most pressing needs, build organizational capacity, and support hard-to-finance projects and research that benefit the community.

Donate to RUF's General Fund

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Why Donate to the RUF General Fund?

1. Flexibility to Address Urgent Needs

Your donation to the General Fund allows RUF to identify and support the most pressing needs of nonprofit organizations in Romania and the Diaspora. With your help, we can respond to emerging challenges and opportunities more quickly and effectively.

2. Capacity Building for Nonprofits

By contributing to the General Fund, you are investing in the future of Romanian nonprofits. RUF uses these funds to strengthen the organizational capacity of beneficiary organizations, helping them to become more effective, sustainable, and impactful.

3. Support Hard-to-Finance Projects and Research

General Fund donations enable RUF to fund projects and research that might not be financially viable otherwise. Your contribution helps bring innovative ideas to life and addresses critical issues facing the Romanian community.

4. Leverage Your Donation with Matching Funds

When you donate to the General Fund, you empower RUF to provide matching funds for fundraising campaigns organized by other nonprofits. This magnifies the impact of your donation, inspiring others to give and maximizing the overall support for the cause.

100% Pass-Through Commitment

Just like all donations made through RUF, your contribution to the General Fund is 100% pass-through. This means that every dollar you donate goes directly to support our mission without any deductions for expenses or operational overhead.