Please think of friends that can make a meaningful contribution, and try to pick names that are outside of our existing area of influence (as in, they’re not my friends or people we’re in a close circle with).

Other suggestions: the engagement of the people occurs when they relate to something from that cause. There are several categories in the case of this campaign (1) People who like to play or that are very outgoing and social are most likely to relate to the campaign - the key message here is that all you have to do is play (with friends or children) and you post photos so that people would donate because they like your playing. As simple as that. (2) Nostalgic Romanians that are willing to remember about the games in their childhood and dare to be children again - the key message here is that you join just because you miss some part of yourself that you can now freely expose - your childhood. (3) Romanians with children that want to share a moment of their childhood and bond with their kids in a very easy way that also brings back memories from home - the key message here is that in our communities they will find all the inspiration and resources they need to have a full month of playing with their kid(s).