Romanian United Foundation is a 501c3 International Charity Foundation. Our 100% model means every donation dollar we raise is remitted to our grantees. Our Founding Angels and members cover our operating costs.

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The Romanian United Fund (RUF) Impact Report for 2019-2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the organization's achievements and initiatives:

Report Summary

  1. Mission and Vision: RUF's vision is to create a strong, connected Romanian Diaspora with a powerful sense of identity and belonging. The mission involves connecting, highlighting, and elevating change-makers within the Romanian Diaspora, creating a global community and amplifying their impact worldwide.

  2. Areas of Focus and Achievements:

    • Donations and Engagement: The report highlights significant numbers such as $2,529,506 in donations, support for 72 financed projects, involvement of 37,672 donors, 488 recurring donors, 8,734 community members, activities across 61 countries, 55 partners, and 1,013 Facebook fundraisers.
    • Strategic Partnerships: RUF partnered with Via Transilvanica, supporting environmental projects and cultural heritage. They raised over $135,200 and contributed to the construction of a 140 km hiking trail in Romania.
    • Healthcare Initiatives: The COVID-19 campaign, 'Play for Good', significantly impacted healthcare, reaching over 140 hospitals, protecting 150,000+ doctors and medical staff, and purchasing 260,000+ pieces of PPE and 97 pieces of medical equipment.
    • Education: RUF's education initiatives included online e-learning programs and in-person learning, particularly focusing on mathematics, financial programming, and Romanian language. They provided over 2,000 hours of e-learning to 155 children and 12 teachers, and 1,000+ hours of in-person learning for 42 children and 4 teachers.
    • Heritage Conservation: RUF raised over $40,700 for heritage projects, restoring 3 architectural monuments, benefiting 200 young people, and organizing 16 exhibits of the 'Acasa la Origin' photos.
    • Civic Engagement: Their civic engagement initiatives included promoting voter participation and supporting vulnerable communities. They achieved over 1.44 million views on a voter participation video and provided 20,000+ volunteer hours.
    • Arts and Culture: RUF organized events such as the RUF Gala, movie tours across 12 states, and light installations in collaboration with Daisler Association, reaching a large audience and raising significant funds.
  3. Community Partnerships and Governance: The report lists numerous community partners, affiliate organizations, project partners, and the board of directors, emphasizing the collaborative nature of RUF's work.

  4. Financial Transparency: RUF promises that 100% of money raised for projects passes through to partner organizations, with operating expenses covered by Founding Angels and individual members.

  5. Team and Involvement Opportunities: The report also outlines the team structure and encourages involvement, including becoming a Founding Angel.

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RUF is a 100% pass-through fundraising platform. We help diaspora & local nonprofits in Romania access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective. We do this by connecting NGOs, donors & volunteers from all over the world