The business case for supporting RUF. A message from our President

"Time is my most precious resource. I've made my choice, to invest my time, my money, and my brainpower in RUF because I believe some things are more important than anything else."

It takes money to make money


"I come from a business background and I am personally relatively frugal: I don't like spending money. I like to invest it instead. I think long term and I like getting my money back with an interest. I had been supporting various nonprofits (mostly in Romania) for quite a while until one day I figured out there is a way to get a 3x or 5x return on my investment. For every dollar invested directly in RUF, we can raise $3, $5, or even $10 in donations. And 100% of that goes directly to our Partners, the smartest and most efficient nonprofits making an impact in the lives of Romanians today.

If you've ever thought "I wish I could do something to make this world better", this is a great place you can start. Whether children suffering from cancer or not having access to the latest treatments strikes a chord with you, or if you are passionate about saving Romania's depleting forests, about the country's heritage, or about helping Romanian students access a great education, there's something you can help with here, with us. Become part of the RUF community, and let'sย make the future look brighter for our children and grandchildren. If you want to make a difference, support RUF."

-ย Mihai Lehene, President and Founding Member, Romanian United Fund

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