Parinti Salvatori
Association for Education and Charity (Parinti Salvatori) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to prevent children from drowning through water safety education programs

Parent Rescuers is not just a story that doesn't end, unfortunately, with "And they lived happily ever after". The Savior Parents is the hero missing from the Vlașin's story when it was so important to show up to change destinies. He appeared a few weeks later as a moral duty that would change the course of thousands of lives.

Parents Rescuers was born out of the Vlașin family's drama of losing LUCA to a trivial food drowning. On September 23, 2015, tragedy struck the Vlașin family home - the family's little boy, aged 2 1/2, choked on food. Although they arrived at the hospital, clearing the airway was impossible due to the lack of specialized equipment, called a video bronchoscope. After 49 days in a coma, on 11 November 2015, angel Luca's heart stopped beating.

The bereaved father asked his family and friends who attended the funeral not to bring flowers or wreaths, but to donate the countervalue to the account of a Foundation, in order to raise the money needed to purchase and equip the Baia Mare County Hospital with the equipment that was missing when Luca needed it.

After only 3 months, this wish became reality. Thus, on 23 February 2016, the Vlașin family donated to the hospital a complex equipment, for the purchase of which they paid around 50.000 EURO.

Since then, the Vlașin family has been a constant source of help for families whose children have serious health problems. Operations and rehabilitation therapies in Romania, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, Ukraine, as well as the procurement of rare or expensive medicines, are also part of the current activity of the Association for Education and Charity, the association that manages all #ParentsSave projects.

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