Edith Alibec

Digital Marketing Expert
Cristina Irina Dobrota
Passionate about people, no matter the age; Team player; Eager to learn and to experiment; Great at communicating and meticulous in planning; Embraces web technologies and loves interpersonal communication.
Lavinia Nedelcu

Tech Team/Website & UX
Lavinia is a vibrant individual with a diverse range of interests that combine computer science, digital marketing, socializing, and volunteering. She finds happiness from being in the company of others and actively seek out volunteer opportunities.
Alina Simpetru

Board of Advisors 
Branding Expert, Strategy Consultant
Oana Sindean

Volunteer, Math Online Coordinator, Ottawa
I live in Ottawa with my husband and son Ryan. I believe that "impossible" is nothing, and that ambition and hard work can get us everything we envision for ourselves.