Thank you for agreeing to be a part of the Play for Good Campaign


If you are reading this, you are most likely born in May, June, or July and you chose to “pledge your birthday” to help send a kid to camp this summer! 

Simply follow the below steps to create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook:

1) Go to your Facebook account 

2) Go to your 'Home' page, and look on the left side column. You should see the 'fundraiser' option under "Create" at the bottom. Click on "fundraiser" and Facebook will walk you through it.

3) Pick your charity (Not sure which one they should actually be choosing? Romanian United Fund?)

4) Decide how many children you would like to send to camp this summer. Start with one kid as you can always raise the amount if you particularly like to challenge your friends.

5) Invite people on your friends' list and engage with them! This is key. Invite, invite, invite! Share often on your timeline: remember that not everyone will see something when you post just once. 

6) Thank people as they donate and watch numbers go up! Seriously, these people are donating to MagiCamp because of YOU!


Every child deserves a chance at happiness!

Will you sign up?