Scoala Romaneasca Haga

Hague, Netherlands
The Romanian School was created to teach children the correct Romanian language as a support for the expression of the experiences accumulated within their adopted cultures.

Hague, Netherlands

The primary aim of this school is to organize weekly Romanian language classes in order to preserve the Romanian linguistic, historical and cultural identity within the Dutch society and to strengthen the sense of cultural identity by forming a united community around the school.

The mission of the school is to create a united community and a framework in which a clean Romanian language is spoken and Romanian traditions are passed on. We want to facilitate children's connection to their Romanian roots, to cultivate their interest in the spiritual portrait of the Romanian people and to support them in their personal development and in the challenge of being both Romanian and European.

This project is a pragmatic solution and a response to a need expressed by the Romanian-speaking community in the southern region of the Netherlands.

A course cycle lasts one year, with holiday periods compatible with the Dutch school system.

It takes place in a format of two hours per week for the medium and large groups and one hour for the small group, based on a curriculum developed by the school's teachers, qualified and experienced people selected from the Romanian community in the Netherlands.

The curriculum of the subject is structured according to the communicative-functional model, focusing on communication as a complex field that encompasses the processes of receiving oral and written messages as well as oral and written expression.

The school's aim is to place active, learner-centered learning at the center of its concerns. Learning is not a passive process that happens to learners, but a personal experience in which they must participate.

In addition to the classroom, students and teachers are involved in cultural activities to promote Romanian culture and traditions, both in the school environment and in various activities promoted by their adopted country.

The course topics cover the relevant aspects of Romanian language and culture, and the teaching method emphasizes children's social-emotional development by encouraging dialogue, free expression, circulation of ideas, highlighting each student's progress and contribution to the group dynamics.


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