Welcome to the official landing page for our enlightening conversation with Dana Bucin, an esteemed immigration lawyer and Honorary Consul in Connecticut, hosted by John Florescu. In this engaging session, filmed live from Bucharest with Dana joining from Connecticut, we delve deep into the realm of immigration law, offering invaluable insights for anyone looking to understand the complexities of navigating legal landscapes in the United States.


Dana's journey from Romania to becoming a celebrated immigration attorney in the U.S. is not just inspiring but also a testament to the transformative power of education and determination. Graduating summa cum laude from Wesleyan College in 2002 and continuing her legal education at Boston University School of Law, Dana has established herself as a leading figure in immigration law, with a particular emphasis on asylum law.

Throughout this conversation, Dana shares her profound knowledge and personal experiences, illuminating the intricacies of immigration law and the significance of legal representation in achieving the American dream. Her dedication to facilitating legal avenues for migration reflects not only in her professional achievements but also in her role as one of the most active members of the honorary consuls across the United States, a true role model for aspiring lawyers everywhere.

Our discussion extends beyond Dana's personal journey to explore the broader implications of immigration policies and visa waiver programs, highlighting the ongoing efforts to foster mobility and strengthen ties between Romania and the United States. From the challenges of visa denial rates to the importance of legal pathways for immigrants, Dana provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and future prospects of immigration law.

This session is a must-watch for anyone interested in the field of immigration law, seeking legal advice, or simply looking to be inspired by Dana's remarkable story. Join us in this enlightening conversation as we explore the critical role of immigration law in shaping lives and building bridges between nations.



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