Adrian Vox Maris Band
Founded in 2011 based on a need of expressing the Romanian spirit, Vox Maris was welcomed with open arms by the Romanian Diaspora in US. In 2019, a concert organized with other Romanian artists in Chicago, they launched their second album "Paine si sare".
Imagine that on your way to your destination, suddenly, your ear catches some familiar musical tunes. Intrigued, you might probably approach the source, out of curiosity, attracted by the familiarity of the chords of a music that somehow, seems to sound Romanian.ย 
ย ย ย ย 
Yes, you are definitely in the Vox Maris studio area, in Chicago. What you hear is real, the music is Romanian indeed and the "boys",ย Dan Paduraru vocalist, Adrian Nechiti guitar, Dan Rizo drums and Andrei Diaconu bass are rehearsing. Inside, a relaxed atmosphere, good mood, positive energy and a spirit that lets you escape from the worries of everyday life. Here is another world, with arguments played on musical notes and an ad hoc inspired poetry. Here, the outside world becomes unreal and the time spent in this space takes on a feeling of sacredness.
ย  ย ย 
Yes, we set aside time, energy and dedication for something much greater than ourselves! You just witnessed a piece of life, sustained by a clear purpose and fueled by the fire of creation! You have discovered Vox Maris Chicago band!ย 
We invite you and hope you will enjoy listening to the music on our albums,

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