As a Campaign Fundraiser, you create a Facebook fundraiser by yourself or together with some of your friends, to benefit the Play for Good campaign, by following the steps below or by watching this video.

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. You may need to click See More.
  2. Click + Raise Money.
  3. Select Romanian United Fund, fill in the fundraiser details (decide on a goal for your campaign: how many kids would you like to send to camp? Cost for sending one child is $462), and choose a cover photo.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Invite people on your friends' list and engage with them! This is key.  Invite, invite, invite!  Share often on your timeline: remember that not everyone will see something when you post just once.
  6.  Thank people as they donate and watch numbers go up!  Seriously, these people are donating to MagiCamp because of YOU!

A detailed video with these steps is click here