The children coming to MagiCAMP have all possible financial situations. The criteria are not the financial status but the medical condition. Children like them cannot access the typical camps because they need special requirements and need to be under medical supervision. We pay attention to their food, allergies, sleep needs, the amount of effort they are allowed to make or any other special requirements. Children are there based on medical approval from their doctor andΒ  parents together with all the details of their condition or side-effects of the treatment. Each volunteer is provided with the camp's general rules and the child’s special requirements and personalized approach.

If there are children with poor financial situations, we immediately provide everything they need in the camp from the moment they step in so that they all feel integrated. We are proud to say that MAGICAMP makes all children feel at home, or even better; they connect extraordinarily with each other or the volunteers. It is one kind experience that motivates them to fight for their lives and cherish each moment. We have great feedback from parents and doctors who say the children better cooperate with the treatment afterward. Their self-confidence is highly increased, many being willing to do anything to be back in MagiCAMP.