Food Waste Combat Cluj Project And Cluj Foodbank Ngo: The Regional Foodbank Of Cluj
We are a local Cluj NGO aiming at educating the Romanian public about food waste and its importance for each one of us and for our community. We are also focused on alleviating poverty by redistributing food surplus to charities via the Cluh Regional Food

Our main mission is to reduce food waste by raising awareness in Romania about this important issue and also by collecting and redistributing food surplus occurring along the food value chain. 

We are currently focusing our efforts towards operating a regional Food Bank (covering Cluj, Alba, Sibiu and Bistrita counties), the second one founded in Romania and part of the Romanian National Federation of FoodBanks. At the same time, through local partnerships, we are designing and delivering educational workshops for schools and private companies teaching people about food waste and sustainability. 

So far, we've managed to save more than 200 tons of food (in 2 years' time) redistributed to 20k end beneficiaries. And our educational projects have reached 500k people online and over 5k people offline, 16 schools and 1000 students.

We're currently being funded via private funds. 

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