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  • Option 2: Straja, Camp Viata, 5-11 yrs, July 2-8
  • Option 3: Straja, Camp Viata, 5-18 yrs, July 9th - July 16th

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Option 1: Straja, Hunedoara, 5-11 yrs, July 2nd-8th, 2022

Option 2: Straja, Hunedoara, everyone, July 9th-16th, 2022

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Adventure for a living. We help young people to become responsible, trustworthy, honest and persevering citizens, able to contribute to their own development and the common good.

DATES: 2 July - 8 July 2022

Age: 5-11 yrs old

LOCATION: Harghita ( about 3 hrs from Cluj)

TRANSPORTATION: camp can organize bus transportation for location in Romania of our choice for extra cost

PRICE: 1750 lei ( about $400) per child per week

Group discount: for every 10 children, 1 child free ( which 'free' child amount equally reduces the other 10 kids)
30% downpayment and remaining balance June 20th. We will send one payment and parents will send as one payment

in small hotel setting; same sex
2-4 children in one room
each room has its own bathroom

Alpine housing

One adult sleeps on same floor

FOOD: three meals a day cooked on premises

lunch is always a bagged lunch


NOTES: please advise them of any allergies

snacks between meals

SLEEP HOURS: 8 am wake up; 9:30pm sleep

if tired is tired can go to bed earlier

ELECTRONICS: 1 hour at diner between 7-8 pm; can call parents at this time

GROUPS: 10-15 kids per group, per age with 3-4 instructors per group
groups based on age, distinction of capability and experience--not based on age

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Romanian mostly, but English is known


  • Forms to complete: Child vaccine history (will be available soon)
  • Everyone will email them to me and I will send one email to camp boys ad girls mixed for activities

COVID: negative PCR test 48 hrs before arrival; all camp workers are vaccinated and tested

MASKS: no masks are required to he worn by kids or by camp workers

Romanian United Fund


Romanian United Fund helps diaspora organizations and local nonprofits in Romania access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective. We do this by connecting NGOs, donors, and volunteers from all over the world.