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    I am a part of Payton’s Global Connections, a program that offers students opportunities for learning, immersion, and service through travel, regardless of their socioeconomic status. This spring, a few classmates and I will be traveling to Hawaii to learn more about the unique environment and ecosystem, as well as participating in several habitat preservation projects.

    Starting tomorrow, we are hosting an online popcorn fundraiser on the Double Good app, which is open from Monday, Jan 22nd (5:00 P.M.) to Friday, Jan 27th (5:00 P.M.). Bags of delicious popcorn start at just $9, and the proceeds will go to make sure that all students regardless of financial status can participate in this trip. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please share this fundraiser with the RUF community, helping us take one step closer to our goal. The link for my store is:

    Also, we are offering the opportunity to become a corporate sponsor. If you choose to sponsor our trip, we will be including your company logo on our official trip shirts and merchandise. A $150 donation will receive a standard sponsorship, while a $300 donation will receive a premium sponsorship, with your logo taking up a larger space on our merchandise.

    Mulțumesc, și nu uitați să luați niște floricele de porumb!

    - Peter
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