Ajungem Mari

These children are ready for a better future!
Ajungem MARI (Growing GREAT) supports the education of 2.500 children from orphanages and other new foster care institutions. Over 1000 volunteers and specialists help the children develop the skills in order to become responsible and independent adults.

These children are ready for a better future!

Ajungem MARI (Growing GREAT) is the only program managed by Lindenfeld Association, an NGO created by 3 Romanian youngsters in 2013. In 2015 the educational program Ajungem MARI started with 0 funds in Bucharest and attracted more and more volunteers. By 2016 it was already organized in 24 counties in Romania with the help of local volunteers. It helps over 2.500 institutionalized children from over 138 child care institutions.

Over 1000 volunteers visit the children weekly (or organize online meetings) for interactive sessions: school preparation, games or creative workshops. The volunteers become their friends and help them improve their self-confidence and social skills to better integrate. Volunteers also accompany the children in trips and outings and enroll the talented ones in vocational sports or arts classes. We also enroll the youngsters in qualification courses and offer vocational counseling.

We work with children and youngsters with trauma caused by abuse, family separation, being abandoned and growing up in institutions. Some children/ teenagers need the urgent and long term support of specialists for psychotherapy or speech therapy. At the moment our main concern is to raise the funds to continue psychotherapy for over 50 children. The cost per session is around 100 RON ($24), so the monthly cost exceeds 20.000 RON ($4.846). Each session helps them accept their past, manage their emotions and become more motivated to fight for a better future.

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