Andreea Coscai

NGO Founder & President, Activist
Audio Journalist, Activist – My last podcast, „Who Holds Up Half the Sky”, is an investigative podcast discussing the possibilities of advancing feminist activism in China under censorship and lack of free speech.

NGO Founder & President, Activist

Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Communications, and Chinese from Bennington College. I have vast experience in media, particularly in portraying multicultural and gender issues in video work and podcasts.

My activity pertains to investigative journalism, marketing, team management, and leadership.

In 2020 I founded “Her Time Romania”, an intersectional feminist community, the first NGO supporting young women towards leadership through networking in Romania. We have built an online following of over 10,000 members by informing young audiences on various gender and social issues and by organizing networking events and competitions with over 700 participants. As the president and founder, I lead and manage 6 different teams with over 100 volunteers.

Recent Activity