Caravana Cu Medici

Caravana cu Medici
HEALTHCARE: The "Caravana cu Medici" Association was founded in 2014 by 5 resident doctors who noted the lack of basic medical services in the rural area, the total lack of medical education, and the totally non-preventive mentality of the Romanians.

Caravana cu Medici

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Caravana cu Medici has a clear vision
- even out the discrepancies between rural and urban areas
- facilitating access to essential medical services and health education
- create a national network that regularly provides health care and health education in disadvantaged areas.

The association sends a team of 20-30 medical specialists to evaluate the population's health free of charge. They offer essential medical services and raise awareness about cancer and screening tests. Also, they bring medical education to schools and try to influence the new generation.

In 2019, Caravana cu medici had a big impact:
- medical consult for 1644 children
- 375 Babes-Papanicolau tests done
- 749 blood tests done
- 42 schools helped with medical education and 5145 beneficiaries.

RUF proudly partnered with Caravana cu Medici and raised money and awareness together.

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