House of Ukrainian Friends

Casa Prietenilor Ucrainieni

Medium-term, safe/secure room & board in Braila, Romania for women and children displaced by the Ukrainian war.


 On behalf of Casa Prietenilor Ucraineni (House of Ukrainian Friends)… THANK YOU for your generous donation!

Your donation has helped to secure safe accommodation, meals and snacks, laundry, WIFI, and other essential services for up to 28 Ukrainian refugee mothers & children at any one time.

We recognize this is a ‘drop in the bucket’ in terms of the broader need that exists. But we feel it is something tangible and impactful, that we are collectively able to do together now, that will make a timely and direct difference in the lives of numerous affected women and children.

We will aim to send you periodic updates on the benefits that Casa Prietenilor Ucraineni is bringing to our Ukrainian Friends in Braila, Romania.

To learn more about Casa Prietenilor Ucraineni, please feel free to access our website at

Thank you again!

Important Note: Any donor-funds received that exceed the need of Casa Prietenilor Ucraineni (House of Ukrainian Friends) in deploying its mission shall be donated to the Ukrainian church in Braila, Romania or such other reputable charitable organization (with similar objectives of assisting Ukrainian refugees in Romania) as reasonably determined by a supermajority vote of the Casa Prietenilor Ucraineni project team.