Centrul Pentru Jurnalism Independent Cji

Keeper of standards, agent of change
The Center for Independent Journalism (CJI) is a non-governmental organization, active for over 25 years in protecting democracy and those who believe in values its; 25 years in the service of freedom of expression and media, and human rights education.

Keeper of standards, agent of change

The focal point of CJI's activity is protecting freedom of speech. Our approach develops around three strategic directions:

Training and assistance for journalists, media education –work field transition, media studies, media innovation

CIJ develops contemporary trainings for journalists, responding present challenges and trends, monitors compliance with journalism standards and ethics and promotes best practices at national and regional level.

Education for SMART citizenship, for students and teachers

CIJ promotes media literacy and civic education in Romania and advocates for informed and creative citizens, who respect human rights and responsibly act to protect them.

Media literacy and human rights and democracy literacy is an important part of our activity. During the last 5 years, we worked along with more than 500 high school and university teachers and more than 20.000 students.

Advocacy and protection of freedom of expression in Romania

CIJ takes part in the legislative process regarding freedom of speech and uses an early warning system for signalling breaches in respecting it.

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