Welcome to the Romanian Global Diaspora Clubs registration page!

As a leader of a local club, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on your community and contribute to the global diaspora mission of working together to make the world a better place.

Types of clubs


To register your club with the main organization, please follow these instructions:

  1. Review the mission and values of the Romanian Global Network to ensure that your club aligns with these principles.

  2. Fill out the club registration form, providing information about your club, including its name, location, and contact information.

  3. Submit any required documentation, such as proof of nonprofit status, if applicable.

  4. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an official club charter and access to resources and support from Romanian United Fund.

As a club leader, you have the following rights:

  • The right to autonomy in running your club
  • The right to use the Romanian Global Diaspora Club name and logo
  • The right to access resources and support from the Romanian United Fund

You also have the following responsibilities:

  • To align your club's mission and activities with the mission and values of the Romanian Global Diaspora Club
  • To follow all policies and guidelines set by the main organization
  • To keep the main organization informed of your club's activities and progress
  • To maintain the financial and legal integrity of your club
  • To contribute to the main organization's mission, working together to make the world a better place

By registering your club with the Romanian Global Diaspora Club, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities and the world. We are excited to work with you and support your efforts to create a stronger diaspora.

Thank you for your interest in registering your club in the Romanian Global Network.Β We look forward to your registration.