Funds Sources: RUF donor

Project Name: Connecting Valea Bistritei

Community Partner:  Station Europe (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: June 2022

Financing: FINANCED

Project Status: Finished

Total Project Budget: $83,004

Financed by RUF: $83,004


Project in Numbers:

  • 8 months of project implementation
  • 7 activities for the local community in the region of Valea Bistritei coordinated by Station Europe
  • 275 direct beneficiaries: children and young people from the community
  • 5000+ people from the region were exposed to the project and learned about preserving their natural environment


Short Description:

Together with Valea Bistritei Foundation, we intend to recruit, train, and mobilize around 60 children and young people from these rural communities. Those will learn about their natural environments and the know-how to preserve them. We wish to achieve this by connecting them to both nature and social platforms. In short, we want to create an army of informed young people and children, aware and trained on how to do good around them.



Children and young people from rural communities in Romania have difficulty connecting with nature's necessities and understanding its potential and how to take care of it. With this project, we seek to support and empower children and young people from Pestisani and Valea Bistritei (Gorj), rural communities from Romania rich in natural resources and beautiful landscapes, to act and stand for their natural environments. Encouraging them to be active in their community is vital for promoting life-long civic participation. We aim to do this by supporting the Valea Bistritei Foundation to connect to and train the young generations to raise their voices on issues that matter to them. In fact, through a basic understanding of the situation, they will be empowered to find solutions to their local problems, thus becoming local ambassadors of the Foundation’s initiatives.

We will work on the project through two main pillars:

  • Encouraging young people and children to be active in their local communities from Valea Bistritei and Pestisani;
  • Empowering the local actors - Valea Bistritei Foundation - to become a stronger organization engaging the local community in meaningful conversations about its present and future.


Station Europe


This is Station Europe, a tech-savvy NGO that seeks to give children and young people the power to bring useful initiatives to life and inspire communities to act for a sustainable future.