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Social innovation, civic engagement, education
This is Station Europe, a tech-savvy NGO that seeks to give children and young people the power to bring useful initiatives to life and inspire communities to act for a sustainable future.

Social innovation, civic engagement, education

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We started Station Europe to proudly represent the voices of children and young people in Europe through projects and initiatives that bring out a fantastic mixture between tech&digital, creativity and social skills.

We direct our mindset to courageously work to design and develop projects that embody five directions we want to put in place for and together with the young generations:

- Social media for social good - we use social media platforms to address burning topics that attract young people's attention and require their involvement.

- Reality Lab - this is the space where we can look forward. Technology changes fast, and to keep up with the progress we have to prioritize research and creativity.

- Connecting nature - we want to add contexts to our projects where children and young people can better interact with environment-oriented solutions to the current climate challenges affecting their local communities.

- Network democracy - we want to nurture creative spaces where citizens can share their thoughts, progress and interests and find friends on the way.

- Education on Europe - we aim to create contexts for young people to present their perspective about how they understand their rights as European citizens and the future of Europe they want to experience.

A few of our projects:

- Girls in IT is an educational board game that focuses on the thematic of girls' inclusion in IT. We have targeted this topic because we would like to empower the girls' community and connect them to the IT world.

- First European Moment is a hybrid workshop where participants learn how to create a social media campaign on topics relevant to Europe; it encourages them to explain how they understand their rights as European citizens and what kind of future they would like to experience. Our printed kit also strengthens the idea that social media can be used to make societies grow.

First European moment has also been integrated in Belgium and Armenia's schools, besides Romania's, via the Understanding Europe Network; the workshop is also equally accessible for other countries like Spain, Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and Ukraine, which are also part of the Understanding Europe Network.

- Vlogging Academy is a creative hub designed for children from rural areas who want to become content creators - using social media elements to shape the future and raise awareness of problems that they care about. Vlogging Academy has been integrated by our Erasmus+ partners in the UK, Malta and Poland's schools.

This is Station Europe. 

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