Andreea Rebaltescu

Communication Director
Andreea is the CEO & Founder of Cora Phenix Digital Entrepreneur & Artist. She Graduated Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj, Romania, and studied drama at the University Babes Bolyai in the same city. She is also an entertainer and published author.

Communication Director

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"I believe in expanding one’s limits and opening up towards new potential. I love diving deep inside and listening to my inner voice. I embrace everything that is new and I am especially fascinated by humans. I want to get to know whoever crosses my path and learn and absorb everything I can from them. At the same time, I want to give back and contribute to their life in any way I can.

Why am I here you might ask? Because I believe in RUF and their vision. It resonates with me on multiple levels and the energy of the organization is captivating. Most importantly, the people I work with are dedicated and they give everything they have towards the common goal of building something truly unique for Romanian communities everywhere."

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