Corina Botez

Being a changemaker for the good of ALL

Being a changemaker for the good of ALL


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Bringing extensive experience in social entrepreneurship gained from my previous roles as executive director in Nonprofit organization, and working in international teams - Creating first Day program chain of services, a school for children with autism and sever disabilities, vocational and occupational services, in home therapy services, early intervention- in Romania. Working in projects for UNICEF, USAID, Peace Corps - Nonprofit organization SERA Franta/Romania creating project for European Union. Advocacy in changing education law. Using a blend of strategic advocacy , training ,public awerness initiatives and international collation building to address the persons with disabilities rights of inclusion and participation of a full life in a community.

 Graduated in Social Work and Psychology at the West University Timisoara, Master in Psychology and Social work at Petere Andrei Iasi.

I love traveling, art, reading, music, learning and build friendships. I am a proud American Bunica- Being a changemaker is a life long journey.

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