Become a pen pal, fill a backpack for a child in the care of social services in Romania!

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It’s so nice to get to know you! We love having you participate in our PenPal project. It’s an amazing opportunity for all Romanian children who would like to connect with a fellow Romanian child born and/ or living abroad.

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It’s a great place to share our lives and experiences, our ups and downs, and weave a lifelong friendship.

How old are you? What city are you in? What are your hobbies? Tell us about your friends in Romania! Would love to hear about your day at home or at school. How do you feel today? What brought you joy or sorrow this week? We would love to hear it all or just what makes you feel comfortable sharing.


Hop online and check us out! We are a team of cool Romanian kiddos living in America. See which one of us speaks to you and let’s get chatting! We might have more in common than you think!


We are happy to improve our Romanian language through these letters, learn more about our heritage and see pictures of the birthplace of our parents, Romania.


Would love to help with your English as well as understanding the life of a child living in America.

Invite your friends, join the movement!

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