Daniela Kammrath

Board of Directors 
Executive Director Emerita, Member of the Board of Directors
Daniela Kammrath, RUF's ED, is an experienced marketing and business development consultant, with entrepreneurial, nonprofit, and fundraising experience. She believes in doing good, empowering women, and the power of example.

Executive Director Emerita, Member of the Board of Directors

Daniela Kammrath headed up Alianța, a Washington D.C.-based organization of Americans and Romanians working on strengthening ties between the two countries. She is also an experienced marketing and business development consultant with entrepreneurial experience, based in Washington, DC. 

Her experience in developing communities and fundraising goes way back to 1999: "You raise money almost all your life for the projects you want to bring to life! And you'll always thrive within your tribe, so work on it!"

She has been a pioneer in empowering women in Romania since 2001, when she created and launched 121.ro, the first online community of Romanian women, that grew in 14 years into over 125,000 members, focusing on issues such as career, health, relationships, culture, reading, work-life balance, spirituality, leadership, and motherhood. She believes in people that inspire and the power of example. 

Born in Bucharest, Daniela used to spend the summer holidays with her two sisters. Her favorite moment of the day is at dawn when the crisp air and quiet help her meditate, prepare for a new day. She drinks tea most mornings, likes her coffee black, with a touch of almond milk.  

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