Declic Romania
DECLIC community, is composed by hundreds of thousands of regular romanian people that live in Romania or Diaspora. Declic campaigns are by their values and not by the political parties. Declic is, and will remain always an independent community.

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Founded in 2015 by some volunteers from The Salvati Rosia Montana Campaign, Declic started to change society. Declic organization is known for its efficiency. They identify the problem, mobilizing online, organizing offline, and then produce the change.

They live up to some strict principles and believe in:

- A society is driven by courage and compassion.

- Everyone has the same rights and chances in life.

- A democratic country and a responsible government that respects and cares for people.

- An active community and engaged in civic movements.

Β  Over time, they created a strong community with people from Romania and Diaspora. Now, there are 920.188 active members all around the world. Together, they fight for society, economy, democracy, health, education, human rights, and the environment through a lot of campaigns, such as:

Β - Nature for the Future Campaign

- United Society Campaign

- Well Governance Campaign.

RUFΒ  joined them in the process of raising awareness of polluted air.

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