Most of the work at Romanian United Fund is volunteer work. However, we need funds to run campaigns, create programs, and build community centers. Your donations keep us going.

In December 2021, RUF started accepting crypto donations.

Since many crypto donors have a long-term view, we wanted to accommodate the donor's options when they make a donation.
  • Our preference is that we immediately exchange the crypto for their dollar value, as we are not in the business of investing crypto.
  • However, should you decide that you prefer us to long-term hold the assets, we will be happy to accommodate you and we have the ability to do so.

Short term donations

For any crypto donations that should be immediately converted into cash, we use

Engiven leads the way in security and compliance. Since its founding, Engiven has become the market's most secure and compliant crypto-donation platform, going above and beyond to ensure your funds and privacy are protected.

The fees on Engiven are usually between 1% and 3%, but the advantage is that your donation is immediately converted into cash. For large amounts, we advise you to reach out to us directly first, as the costs may be prohibitive.

Donate Crypto

Long term donations


Holding on to change more lives

If we liquidate our digital assets today, we could create a lot of impact in people's lives. But we believe this fund will have an even greater impact over time. Here’s how it’ll work.

You donate any amount of crypto to RUF's Crypto Fund

Your assets are held in safe, cold-storage addresses.

As the donor, you choose if you want your donation to be immediately converted or held

If you chose to HODL for a long time, our time horizon is many years or decades. Ideally, this allows the assets to appreciate in value.

How we will begin putting your gift to work

We will use commercially reasonable best efforts to keep bitcoin as bitcoin before converting to fiat currency. All donated coins will be used to fund projects benefiting the Romanian diaspora nonprofit organizations or nonprofits in Romania, 100% pass-through.


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Any questions? Call or text +1(773)-289.8696