March 2022

We are happy to send you an update on RUF's grassroots ecosystem for this month. We are connected with over 50 organizations across the globe. Here's a sum-up of news, events, and worthwhile initiatives in our communities.

Upcoming Diaspora Events

ARCHER presents Archer Youth Bookclub, starting April 9th.

Making Waves film festival organized by Film ETC Association is streaming throughout the U.S. March 25-31.

Romanul CT presents the Diversify Your Retirement Income, an online educational workshop on March 31st.

ARCS's College Financial Aid Workshop will break down the process of applying for financial aid when applying to college on April 2nd.

ROCO Chicago presents Greg Borzo on How to Publish a Book, a hybrid workshop broadcasted from ROCO Chicago, on Thursday, April 14th.

RUF's Gala: Romanian Blues, the elegant event of the year in Chicago, will be held at Stan Mansion, 2408 N Kedzie Blvd, starting at 6 PM, on May 21st.

Romanian Spring Traditions exhibit organized by HORA in Minessota had its grand opening on March 6, 2022.

FORA, the Federation of Romanian American Organizations is now incorporating and is launching on March 31st.

The ROCO soft launch will take place on May 7th, in Chicago, as we are slowly easing into an active season, more details to follow soon.


Share your own event with RUF's audience of over 10,000 by reaching out to us at [email protected]. We would be happy to share any meaningful event with our network, via our newsletter, and on Facebook.


Active Fundraising Campaigns

We include below a brief list of the most active fundraising campaigns this month.

Ukrainian Peace Fund over $200,000 has been raised and $84,380 has been wired to support the refugees. We are actively working with almost 20 organizations to disburse the remaining funds.

House of Ukrainian Friends raised $82,650 and is hosting refugees in Braila, Romania. Funds are being wired periodically.

GFL Sister Cities & Alan B. Levan launched their fundraiser in partnership with the City of Constanta.

Solidarity Fund for Ukraine by UiPath Foundation has raised over $60,000 for Red Cross Romania.

Fundatia Jeni Mandachi fundraiser is open on our website.

Say I'm IN! for ROCO: yes, we are still fundraising for ROCO, see here the latest ROCO updates.

Alianta Campaign for Ukraine has just launched this morning, fundraising for Habitat for Humanity and Unicef, among others.

Mihai Lehene


Mihai is the Owner of MDL Investments, a real-estate and VC family-office with a focus on emerging technologies, including fintech, biotech and crypto. In 2020 Mihai resigned his business roles to run RUF, and in 2022 he was elected as President of FORA.