Website Fees: Below, we are listing the credit card processing fees on our website.

Our payment provider charges these fees automatically. For more details and a more up-to-date list of charges, visit the Nationbuilder Website.


Currency code

Non-Profit Organization (reduced) Fees



3.2% + 30¢ (non-Amex domestic);
4.2% + 30¢ (non-Amex international);
4.5% (Amex transactions)



2.9% + 2LEU (domestic); 4.4% + 2LEU (international)

Facebook Fees: There are no credit card fees when you donate on Facebook.

RUF Fees: Romanian United Fund does not charge any fees

Wire Transfers: International wire transfers from RUF's account cost $40, which our bank (JP Morgan) will automatically subtract from the wire amount.

Banking and other fees: Sometimes, we incur minor but unavoidable processing and/or wire fees charged by unaffiliated third-party credit card/payment processing platforms, financial institutions, and/or banks.

Romanian United Fund


Romanian United Fund helps diaspora organizations and local nonprofits in Romania access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective. We do this by connecting NGOs, donors, and volunteers from all over the world.