FFCR - Romanian Federation For Community Foundations
The Romanian Federation of Community Foundations, established in 2012, has as main purpose to advance the field of local philanthropy in Romania, by representing at national level the interests of its member community foundations and their constituencies.

The Romanian Federation of Community Foundation (FFCR) has the role of representing and supporting all its members, for social change. The organization provides mechanisms for attracting funds, developing communities of practice, generating and disseminating community ideas, monitoring and evaluating activities in support to partner foundations.

The federation provides a space for dialogue for defining and monitoring the standards for the operations of community foundations and enables sharing experiences and expertise on joint programs developed by multiple foundations around the country.

As part of its long-term strategy, FFCR with its 16 (soon to be 19) members, has committed to building a stronger network with common values that enables thinking, sharing know-how, learning and collaboration in order to support a vibrant movement of Community Foundations.

In order to do so, during 2019-2021 FFCR focused on developing the organization's Capacity Building program, and has launched in 2020 a new one "A Better future in the community" (Fondul pentru un viitor mai bun în comunități) (pilot in 6 communities), that includes an important component of local grantmaking in education and environment. It has also designed the National Support for Community Foundations program, planned for 2020-2022. This latter program support will feature working groups with high priorities on sustainability and rethinking the business model, the Științescu program adaptation (more details about the program below), grant making practices, endowment, extending the network with 3 new members, national/international partnerships, or developing the capacity of FFCR team to offer better support. The Științescu program was developed by FFCR with the support of the Romanian American Foundation, with the main purpose to help community foundations in 13 Romanian cities create and manage a local fund for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The program's purpose is to encourage innovative ideas that can make sciences more attractive for primary and secondary education students, and that can be applied with support from the community. 

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