Funds Sources: Fundraiser through RUF Website 

Project Name: I'm fundraising for the kids

Link: Donate Greg Cole

Community Partner: UiPath Foundation  (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: March 2023

Financing: PENDING

Project Status: In Progress

Total Project Budget: $9,000

Financed by RUF:


Short Description:

The project initiated by Greg Cole, a Principal Business Analyst at UiPath US, aims to raise funds to cover full year scholarship for 10 kids enroled in the UiPath Foundation educational program by the start date of the triathlon, May 14th, where Greg will participate.



For the next 3 months, he will make it his personal challenge to raise awareness and funds for 10 amazing kids in Romania.

The challenge is completing an Olympic Triathlon in May 2023. He will Run Swim, and Bike for UiPath Foundation to raise awareness and funds for 10 underprivileged kids enrolled in UiPath Foundation’s educational programs.

"These young minds deserve access to quality education and I'm not stopping until I cross that finish line. Growth only happens when you're challenged. Kids living in poverty don't have access to basic human needs like medical care, education, and even clothing. That's why I'm committed to making a difference." - Greg Cole

UiPath Foundation


Our endeavor is to support children from underprivileged families acknowledge and reach their full potential and thus thrive, together with their communities, through equal access to education and through the development of the 21st century skills.