It’s so nice to have you on board! Thank you for participating in our PenPal project. It’s an amazing opportunity for all Romanian children who would like to connect with a fellow Romanian child born and/ or living abroad.Β It’s a great place to share our lives and experiences, our ups and downs, and weave a lifelong friendship.

Β Letter Ideas

How old are you? What city are you in? What are your hobbies? Tell us about your friends in Romania! Would love to hear about your day at home or at school. How do you feel today? What brought you joy or sorrow this week? We would love to hear it all or just what makes you feel comfortable sharing.

Write your letter by hand! Adds a personals touch! Add a cute drawing! Or two! Add a sticker or two! Glitter it up if you want! Maybe a picture of you! Get creative and most of all have fun with this!Β 

Perfect, when you're done, simply scan/save your letter and upload it using our Google Form:

Upload Your Letter