So how do RUF finances work?

Since RUF set out to fundraise for other organizations, we made a bold promise: all funds raised/collected from donations will be 100% pass-through. There are no RUF commissions, and we obviously take no "cut". This is of course, after all card processing and banking fees.

Since we work with money, one of the most important aspects for us is Transparency.


Three things to be said about RUF finances

1. We are 100% pass-through*

All operational expenses are covered by our Founding Angels. 100% of donations are sent to our partners*. Learn More

2. We have a separate account for donations

In order to guarantee that all donations are 100% pass-through, we keep Donations and our Operational Funds in separate bank accounts. Learn More

3. Our finances are audited

We have both internal (Board-level) audits and external audits. In 2021, the cost of an external audit that is being done is $7,000.


Important Notice

Mihai Lehene


Mihai is a Founding Member and the President of RUF. Passionate and caring, Mihai’s goal is to inspire all around him to be better and help each other, especially his fellow Romanian Americans.