Project NameInclusive Digital Solutions for Under-Served Students

Community Partner: Teach for Romania Association

Date:May 09, 2020

Financing: COMPLETED

Project Status: PENDING

RUF Funds Sources: RUF Emergency Fund

Total Project Budget€98,056.87 (incl. non-RUF sources)

RUF Proposed Financing€12.722,34. Financed Amount: €12.722,34 (100%)

Short Description

The project is designed as an agile bottom-up reaction to a systemic challenge: in the current situation where there is no strategy in place for the digitalization of the Romanian educational system, with little consideration given to making sure that the leap to digital/blended learning in done in an inclusive manner, that looks at the needs of vulnerable children, we aim to design and test an integrated solution that looks at access to technology, remedial learning and digital skills for children and developing digital pedagogical skills for teachers. Our goal is to design and test in 5 highly under-served communities a 6-week integrated intervention that builds on what we have learned during the last 2 months, and takes us beyond emergency, imperfect responses.

Our objectives are:

  1. Provide access to suitable infrastructure for 220 children (digital devices – laptops/tablets and peripheral equipment; internet connectivity solutions). Only 30 devices will be procured through this project, with the rest co-funded by Teach for Romania.
  2. Design and pilot a package of integrated education services (teacher training, online curriculum for teachers and pupils on literacy and remedial learning that will be delivered through a 1-week online summer school, parents’ involvement, child safeguarding policy)
  3. Develop basic digital competencies for pupils and teachers, as means of access to education.

Summer camps for socio-economic and educational vulnerable children are one of the most valuable interventions as it helps them boost self-esteem, motivate for learning and development, and help them counter summer loss. NHF was planning to run summer camps for almost 700 children from vulnerable communities and leveraged financial resources for a non-COVID camp. As the current situation, we consider that it is more important than ever to reach those children, as they are losing not just a summer, but 6 months of the current school year and probably more, in the next one. We changed all the plans so we can organize summer camps in their localities, ensuring that we comply with the necessary requirements to reduce risks for COVID-transmission (eg: small groups of children that remain in the same group for the whole week, all activities outdoor, no-person-touch activities). Complying with extra safety requirements, mean extra resources, and extra costs (sanitary supplies, masks, and individual learning kits: journal + pencil kit). We need an extra source of funds to cover these extra resources, determined by the Covid-19 situation.

Project proposal and budget


Teach for Romania


EDUCATION: Teach for Romania is a non-governmental organization, part of the global Teach for All network, that recruits and trains top graduates in Romanian universities to teach in disadvantaged schools.