Julia Costin

Board of Advisors 
Global Community Shaper, RUF Board of Advisors
Julia is an expert in economic and workforce development. She has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and she currently works as Program Manager at the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs.

Global Community Shaper, RUF Board of Advisors

Julia is an expert in economic and workforce development emphasizing the importance of creating synergies between businesses, local administration and various communities. She has worked with multiple international organizations providing Business Development and market entry strategy to drive sustainable and profitable growth. Julia has applied her expertise to increase the participation of international companies in U.S. trade missions to facilitate economic growth. She has merged her passion for entrepreneurship and community development to help non-profit organizations grow their initiatives.

Julia works closely with regional technology associations, school boards, universities, and local companies to enhance workforce development programs. Her emphasis is to strategically position CSBD with respect to emerging technologies and workforce needs of technology industry. Julia is passionate about women empowerment, diversity inclusion and veteran employment. She established ISACA South Florida’s “SheLeadsTech” initiative to help increase women representation in technology leadership roles. Julia has earned an M.B.A in Entrepreneurship and Bachelor Degree in International Business. Recently, Julia has been invited to be part of Executive delegation to European Union to develop collaboration in cyber security and privacy research.

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