When November 29, 2022 at 11:00am CST 1 hr 45 mins
Where In person, ROCO 5406 N Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60625 - Online, Zoom
Contact Georgiana Merdariu [email protected] +1 773 571 1287



Official Launch of the Research Report "Monitor of Romanian Solidarity in the USA"

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The Romanian United Fund (RUF) and the Federation of Romanian American Organizations (FORA) are pleased to invite you to the Official Launch of the research report "Solidarity of the Romanians in the USA."


This research project is a RUF initiative conducted by the Exact Business Solution research agency and with the support of the Department of Romanians Abroad. 

The event will be hosted offline by RUF and FORA at ROCO Chicago and online on Zoom, starting at 12:30 EST, November 29th. 


Recordings of the presentations will be available on the websites of the organizers.

Event Agenda:

• Georgiana Merdariu, RUF Programme Director - Introduction (12:30 - 12:40 EST)

• Tiberiu Trifan, Consul General of Romania in Chicago - The Romanian Diaspora in the American context (12:40 - 12: 50 EST)

• Gheorghe Carciu, Secretary of State, Department of Romanians Abroad - The importance of the dialogue with the Romanian-American community in the context of the 2023-2026 new National Strategy for the Diaspora (12:50 - 13:00)

• Dana Bucin, lawyer, Honorary Consul of Romania to C.T. - The context of immigration research, professionalization, contextualization, results, and needs (13:00 - 13:10 EST)

• Mihai Lehene, President RUF, FORA President - The research initiative, the collaboration with DRP, and the long-term vision (13:10 - 13:20 EST)

• Julien Zidaru, Exact Business Solutions - Presentation of the Research Executive Report (13:20 - 13:50 EST)

• Alina Simpetru, RUF Strategic Planning Consultant, FORA Consultant - Learnings and Opportunities (13:20 - 13:50 EST)

• Q&A with representatives of the Romanian Community in the USA (14:00 - 14:15 EST)

Given the sub-optimal amount of relevant studies on solidarity, cohesion, or other key factors of coagulation of the Romanian communities in the Diaspora, especially in the USA and other non-EU territories, the project offers a unique perspective in trying to define a portrait of the Romanian Diaspora. 


According to local estimates, both from consulates and local leaders, the number of Romanians in the United States exceeds 1M. Together, the three significant areas of California, Los Angeles - San Diego, San Francisco - Silicon Valley - Bay Area, and Sacramento - Tahoe, exceed 200,000. New York - New Jersey, and Chicago each exceed 100,000. At the same time, the number of Romanians in Portland, Houston, Sacramento, Cleveland, and Phoenix each total more than 50,000.

The Solidarity Monitor 2022 is a Quantitative Exploratory Survey that has reached a sample of over 1200 Romanian American respondents. The study is looking to explore the barriers of mentality and behavior and the opportunities and aspirations of the Diaspora in the USA from the perspective of ethnicity-based solidarity. Through the information, insights, and recommendations provided by this first study at international research standards, the Romanian Community in the U.S. will benefit from a more solid basis for strategic planning and resource management.

The project also aims to promote the role and importance of the Romanian Diaspora in the USA, of Community Building, and of the Romanian professional elites and professionalism in elaborating solid, long-term strategies in the specific context of American society.

We believe that sociological research, together with focused strategic planning and consistent visibility through Social and Mass Media, is the only path for the Romanian communities abroad to become a strong and respected Diaspora. 


We hope that the launch of this first Report will encourage more debates on solidarity in the Diaspora to strengthen the Romanian communities and Romania's image abroad. 



Founded in Chicago in 2019, Romanian United Fund (RUF) is probably the most important fundraising platform of the Diaspora and the friends of Romania, with the mission to bring the highest standards of professionalism and technology to serve the interests of the Romanian community, of Romanians in America and everywhere abroad.

RUF is also a founding member of FORA, the Federation of Romanian-American Non-Profit Organizations. Since its foundation, RUF has managed to raise more than 5 million dollars that have helped finance over 100 projects in Romania and the Diaspora. 100% of the funds raised by RUF are passed-through.



FORA (The Federation of Romanian American Organizations) is an umbrella organization that brings together Romanian communities in the U.S. in a collaborative forum for mutual support and shared resources. FORA represents the interests of its member associations and the Romanian-American community by promoting their interaction and integration into American society.

FORA is an independent non-profit entity, without political or religious affiliations, founded by recognized personalities of Romanian philanthropy in the Diaspora.
American Diaspora is dedicated to collaboration, partnership building, and organizational capacity development in the area of philanthropy and solidarity of Romanian communities.


This project is realized with the support of the Department for Romanians Abroad.
A RUF and FORA initiative

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