Romanian Diaspora sends children affected by severe health conditions to summer camp

Romanian United Fund runs an International Fundraising Campaign for MagicCamp in June


Date: June 14, 2021

Contact: Georgiana Merdariu, Marketing Director, RUF



Chicago, IL


Romanian United Fund (RUF), an International Charity Foundation, invites all friends of the Romanian community to join the PlayForGood campaign during the month of June.


Through PlayForGood, RUF is raising funds to send 250 children affected by cancer and burns to a special summer camp where they will cherish each moment and gather strength to continue fighting for their lives. Children between 6 and 16 years old come to camp from all corners of Romania.


"I cannot imagine a better gift for these kids, some of them living with the naked unbearable truth that their life will soon come to an abrupt end. There is nothing more that we can offer them than the beauty of life, enjoying it with their friends, at the pool, at the gym, watching an evening cinema under the stars, climbing hills, riding horses", confesses the founder and RUF president, Mihai Lehene. 


So far, RUF has raised sufficient funds to send 110 kids to MagiCamp, close to half of the campaign goal. The donations for the project could be done on the PlayForGood campaign’s website or on Facebook.

RUF hopes to inspire as many people as possible to join this cause, to raise the money needed for sending 250 children to this unique camp, by donating to the main RUF fundraiser or by organizing their own fundraiser through RUF.


We are thrilled and grateful for all the support we have received so far. If you wish to join our campaign and send a kid to MagiCamp, please reach out to us and we will help you get started. Let’s keep the momentum going and fulfill the dreams of 250 kids that could use a good laugh this summer,” declared Daniela Kammrath, Executive Director, RUF.  

The children selected by Asociatia Magic cannot access the typical camps because they have special requirements and need to be under medical supervision. This program impacts the joy and happiness of these special children and can even improve their health conditions.

"We have feedback from parents and doctors who say the children respond better to treatment after attending this camp", says Corina Banu, Fundraiser for Magic Association, the organizer of MagiCamp. 

Among the Ambassadors of the campaign are Romanian singer Paula Selling and actress & talk-show moderator Teo Trandafir. 


MagiCamp is a project of Romania's Magic Association to make a difference in children's life. When it opened its doors in 2014, MagiCamp started with a unique purpose: to bring joy to children whose lives had been stolen by cancer. Today, Magic Association serves over 5,000 Romanian kids affected by severe medical conditions. 

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