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For 20 years the Pro Patrimonio has been stepping in to help rebuild and strengthen disadvantaged communities situated far away from developed areas almost everywhere in Romania. The aim is to reintroduce the recovered heritage, curre


Pro Patrimonio objective is to reintroduce the recovered heritage, currently abandoned and without purpose,to the economical and cultural scene and restore its identity and the bonds with the community.Our actions focus on practical educational projects, directed towards historical heritage restorationand repurposing, as well as on community involvement and awareness of their own identity.As a non profit NGO with branches in Romania, Great Britain and France, the foundation is currentlyundertaking eight projects meant to salvage the heritage, to educate the citizens and make themaware of the importance of cultural heritage.
Since its founding, Pro Patrimonio has progressively acquired and received as donations properties of national importance, related to representative personalities for the history and culture of Romania. The foundation owns, manages and collaborates, restores and enhances through various activities: George Enescu's childhood home in Mihăileni, near Botoșani; Golescu Villa from Câmpulung Mușcel; Neamţu Manor from Olari village near Craiova; a traditional Saxon house in Viscri; Perticari Davila Manor near Pitești, P.P. Carp Manor from Ţibăneşti near Iași with Asociatia Maria; the project 60 wooden churches, with programs for learning heritage trades addressed to young people and the Education for Heritage program for children.

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