INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM: Recorder is a media platform from Romania, created and owned entirely by journalists. It was launched in July 2017 and it's on the way to become the most important platform of video journalism in Romania.

Recorder is an independent online publication, funded in 2017 by four journalists - Rฤƒzvan Ionescu, Mihai Voinea, Cristian Delcea, and Andrei Crฤƒciun - who wanted to create a public service media platform guided by honesty. We don't have a political color, and we don't serve anyone's interests. We earn our independence through two sources: reader's donations and advertising.

In four years of existence, we have created several hundred videos only with subjects of national interest; we have investigated how Romania's forests are stolen, revealed the corruption of the people in power, presented the Romanian medical system and the last over 30 years of democracy in extensive documentaries that have reached millions of people.

We have one of the most subscribed YouTube channels with exclusive journalistic content, with around 350k followers.
"Together we build the journalism that Romania needs" - is the motto on the page dedicated to Recorder supporters. Our development in the last four years has been possible, first of all, thanks to the donations made by thousands of readers who appreciated our work.

We are determined to continue our mission to produce balanced and well-documented journalistic materials that spur real-world change. For that, we still need your support.

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